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Copywriter, gal about town and legend

Welcome to my copywriting site. I appreciate your cheeky lil visit and, if you are very good, I'll treat you to a cuppa AND a Jammy Dodger (it's a biscuit, nobody panic).


Meanwhile, let's crack on while I suggest what I can do for you. I write words which will sell your thing. Do you have a thing? (Literally everyone has a 'thing' of some nature or other. My personal proclivities include cheese, wine and, to a lesser extent, badgers.

Short form: CAN DO
Long form: It's a sure shot, yes!

Client list includes: Amazon; eBay; Boots Walgreens Alliance (Boots the chemist International); Johnnie Walker; Guinness; Tanqueray; Gordon's Gin; Smirnoff; Soap & Glory; Sleek; Jamie Oliver; Natural History Museum; TimeOut; SHE magazine...TOLD YOU I COULD DO LONGFORM COPY. 

OK, BOASTING TIME AT LAST: I can drink a pint of Guinness in under 10 minutes. I know! I also do top quality art direction, creative direction and free verve. Triple threat, what?

My latest projects

The Works (Limited Edition)



Diageo is an enormous global corporation brimming with delights and treats to excite and beguile the senses. 

I've created pieces for Smirnoff, Baileys, Guin... ah, wait, I already mentioned it above. And I would NEVER bore you. 

I combine social strategy and creative to come up with the goods. I work with the best teams to develop creative shoots of the highest calibre. 

Sit back with a Tom Collins, Bob Smith or anyone you like and ask me about the work I created with a fabulous team. Legends every one. 

Makeup Store

Soap & Glory, Sleek, Liz Earle, Champneys

The beauty industry is a thrilling journey of discovery, the latest trends often emerging out of Korea. From bonkers-sounding face masks to high end spas, I've written for the lot (and press releases and other PR content). I worked with top designers and photographers to create that perfect shoot, point of sale, shop window banner and packaging copy. Product naming at Soap & Glory was particularly fun. 

What a fabulips pout, darling!


That lippy is fuchsia proof, no doubt.


Triple orangeasm anyone...?

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If you'd like my number, ask me what my favourite cheese is.

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